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ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder

Daycamps during Autumn break (English and German) for kids between the ages of 4 and 12!

Autumn ho­li­day? Bo­red child­ren? Not wi­th our Day­camps! We are of­fe­ring English and Ger­man Day­camps for chil­dren be­tween the ages of 4 and 12!

We are of­fe­ring a weekly pro­gram­me from 07.10.19 - 11.10.19 and from 14.10.19 - 18.10.19.

Don’t gi­ve bo­re­dom a chan­ce this holiday!

The­re will be dif­fe­rent dai­ly ac­tivi­ties wi­th our in­struc­tors, such as visiting an indoor playground or the fire department. Here you will get interesting information about the work of the fire brigade and maybe it is even possible for you to take a seat in a real fire truck. Afterwards you can make an ex­cur­si­on to the nearby park which will show you the be­au­ti­ful si­de of autumn and you can collect colourful leaves in the park or fly a kite.

The­re will be play les­sons held se­ver­al ti­mes ever­y­day, whe­re you can do han­dicrafts and play ga­mes – of cour­se ever­y­thing in the English or Ger­man lan­gua­ge!

In the­se Day­camps we would li­ke to pro­vide your chil­dren wi­th the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ac­quaint them­selves wi­th the En­glish or Ger­man lan­guage and to im­prove their lan­guage com­pe­tence by me­ans of in­ter­est­ing recre­ation­al ac­tiv­i­ties in a care­free and play­ful at­mo­sphere

When? 17.10.16 - 21.10.16 and 24.10.16 - 28.10.16. From 9:00 un­til 16:30 o'clock.

Re­qui­re­ments? So­me pre-know­ledge in the tar­get lan­gua­ge is a plus; howe­ver it is not a ne­ces­si­ty!

Upon in­te­rest or ques­ti­ons, plea­se feel free to con­tact us – we are look­ing for­ward to re­cei­ving your en­qui­ry!

The best part.…
The camps are avail­able for all child­ren – you don’t need to be one of our re­gu­lar cli­ents to join. Per­haps your best fri­end is interested too! Ta­ke him/her along – the mo­re the mer­ri­er!