Despite corona pandemic we do offer our courses offers on the basis of our hygiene concept!!!

During the lockdown we are offering our courses online!!!!

We have got the permission of the “Senatsverwaltung of Berlin” (government of Berlin) to offer our course offers again on the basis of our hygiene concept, which contains, among other things, regulations to keep the 1,50m distance from each other, to provide disinfectant to our clients and to avoid gathering. We recommend wearing a face mask (over nose and mouth) but this is not compulsory.

About our courses:

In our courses kids can join friends from their kita, school and neighborhood, and with our teachers take a journey to a new place where English, German, French and Spanish are spoken. It's an exciting journey for the children with songs, and with rhymes, stories and movement the children arrive at their destination. Through play the children get a feel for the language which acts as a foundation they can later build on. Our courses are also a great supplement to schools classes.

Your children can join one of our existing classes throughout Berlin at anytime. Due to the playful nature of our courses, kids can join an existing course at any time with no problems.

Our teachers join your children at their kita, school or in your home. The time and day is yours for the choosing. Additionally, your children can take part in our classes in our child friendly classrooms directly at Bundesplatz and other locations in Berlin. A play lesson lasts 60 minutes, and children are divided up into different age groups. The average group size is between 6-12 children.


Play lessons

Booking a play lesson for children ages 3-12 is possible for beginners and those more advanced. Depending on need, children can take part in our classes one, two, three or even four times per week.

Overview and Booking possibilities for our School

Preparation classes for English speaking and European elementary schools

In addition to our normal play lessons, we offer your children the chance to intensify their preparations for an English speaking or European elementary school through our play and learn method. Depending on need, children can take place in our group or individual classes one, two, three or even four times a week.

Overview and booking possibilities of our preparation courses

Individual Courses

Child care in a foreign language, keep and expand foreign languages learned abroad, early childhood education for young children in a foreign language, preparation for children of diplomats or those on international business for a foreign country, international schools and child-care centers.

Overview and booking possibilities of our individual courses