English, German, French and Spanish for kids in Childcare Centers and Elementary Schools!

Our mobil teaching team can come, upon request, to your Kita or Elementary School! You can find us in over 140 different schools and Kitas already, and we have a special offer of up to 50%.

Our teachers come to visit either at the end of their school day/child care schedule or during their normal daily schedule.

We would be happy to support you in the organization of a course.

For Kindergartens and Elementary Schools we offer special conditions and will take over the organization of a course to keep the work and stress for the Kita or Elementary School to a minimum. We are also happy to take individual requests, allowing us to offer courses at different times of the day and courses with differing durations. Additionally, we can shape our concept to your needs, whether it be play/musically focused, or rather more academic in nature.

As this way the children are doing their language learning throughout the course of their normal school/Kita day, the need for parents bringing and picking up them up from their course is eliminated, additionally providing a short break for their usual teachers. The children’s progress will be documented in a folder, which each child is provided with. In many Berlin Elementary Schools English is not offered until the 3rd grade. Thus, we offer English as an extracurricular!

Claim your non-committal offer today! We would love to come and introduce ourselves personally at a Parents Night.

If it's not possible to organize a group in your Kita or School, your children are welcome to join one of our classes at our locations.


Do you have questions?

Please give us a call. We are pleased to answer all your questions.

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Mon - Thu from 09:00h to 18:00h
Fri from 09:00 to 15:00h
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